Creating each project, focusing on excellence in quality.
Appropriate attention dedicated to the destination, the details, but above all to the people.
Organizing trips designed in complete correspondence to the client’s objectives and preferences.




Ensuring that every trip is unique and unforgettable, its visual design carefully considered, a series of images that are transformed into reality.



Because precision and attention to detail are essential elements and “special” characteristics.



Because we operate in total transparency, and we are always ready to transform every desire into reality.



Because searching for and discovering everything new that the world can offer is our primary passion.


We realize incentive travels, tailor-made events, team-building operations, integrated communication projects, training activities and live entertainment. Every project on which we work goes far beyond what can be seen at first glance and acquires progressively greater value as you move into its depths of meaning: it becomes an immersive experience in which the desired objectives are attained. The Special team is distinctive for one of its absolute values: style. It has in-depth knowledge of locations and of the national and international partners with whom it interacts on a day-to-day basis, working together in site to provide constant, effective support to every client.

About us

We are visionary dreamers of distant lands; we view the world as a magical location where we can discover ourselves and liberate our elemental nature.
For this reason, our proposals are usually exclusive travel programmes based on unforgettable experiences.
Our objective is to transmit emotions by means of panoramas, discoveries, and new friends.
And we guarantee that our clients become the world’s leading players, wherever they are in the world.



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We do not take a trip; a trip takes us.

John Steinbeck


The art of transforming a location into powerful emotions


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